Biomass boilers are the Renewable Heat Incentive approved boiler of choice to replace fossil fuelled appliances.

The instability of oil and gas prices have meant that many home-owners are looking for an alternative source of heating to provide warmth and hot water for their properties.

Unlike fossil fuels which are a depleting resource, biomass fuel can be sourced from a “closed carbon cycle” system. This is an environmentally friendly way of harvesting fuel to heat your home or building. A closed carbon cycle system is one where the amount of carbon emitted during the burning of fuel is balanced by the planting of trees, therefore cancelling out the harmful effects of  heat being released into our atmosphere.  Trees need carbon dioxide to grow so it is a very good partnership, and one which is environmentally friendly.

Wood pellet fuel

The term biomass refers to a type of fuel sourced from living/non living plant matter, which could be in the form of either wooden logs, wood pellets or wood chips – wood pellets being the most energy efficient.  

Adam Gas are GRANT Accredited Installers

A boiler using biomass fuel is far more cost effective to run than fossil fuel boilers.

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